Hello and welcome to Rasam Productions!!! We are amateur film makers, and we are starting on our debut film "Wrenched"this film will be the opening 2 mins of a feature length Slasher film. Rasam Productions consists of Rob Shaw (The Producer) Sam Pollock (The Director) and Asa Newmarch (The Cinematographer)

Saturday, 26 February 2011

ALL - Sixth Vodcast

In this vodcast we discuss the recent changes to our opening 2 mins of our feature length slasher film "Wrenched" and the audience feedback we recieved to make these changes. We also talk about the feedback we got on our second Rough Cut and our re-shoot which will be happening next week.

ALL - Podcasts: The Complete Set

Podcast #1 Meet the Group: This is our first Podcast, introducing the members of our group, our original ideas for the coursework and what we'll bring to the table, enjoy.

Podcast #2 The Group Idea: This Podcast is about the group idea and it's development throughout the coursework.

Podcast #3 Feedback: In this Podcast we talk about the feedback we received on our sample footage.

Podcast #4 Feedback on our Rough Cut: In this Podcast we talk about the feedback we received on our first Rough Cut.

Podcast #5 First Evaluation Question: Here, we discuss the first question within the Evaluation of the coursework, worth 20% of the final mark. (Now with pictures)

Sunday, 6 February 2011

ALL - Still Shots from Sample Footage

The mask

The Boiler suit

ALL - Fifth Vodcast - Feedback on our Rough Cut

Here is a link to our company blog. www.rasamproductions.blogspot.com

In this vodcast we discussed the feedback we recieved for our rough cut and changes according to the feedback.

ALL - Fourth Podcast - Feedback on our Rough Cut

Here is the fourth podcast in which we discuss the feedback we got on our rough cut. There will be a video of the feedback uploaded later this week.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

RS - Rasam Productions Ident

Rasam Productions

For our opening 2 mins to a feature length film, we needed to come up with two companies and two company idents to be played at the beginning of the sequence, similar to ones such as 20th Centrury Fox or Dreamworks.

We had to check on IMDB to make sure the company name had not been used. Rasam Productions is a combination of our three names (Rob, Sam and Asa) We thought it would be unique and clever.

We have created a short ident for our company and can be seen on the video embedded below.

Here is a still shot of the company ident

RS - Behind the Scenes

Here is a short playlist of behind the scenes of our filming! Alternativley you can watch the videos on youtube, therefore it will play each video in order without having to click on the next one! But you can just watch it on this blog if you want to.

Behind the Scenes - Part 1

Behind the Scenes - Part 2 

Behind the Scenes - Part 3

Behind the Scenes - Part 4 

RS - Vodcasts

Here are the Vodcasts that we have created and added to Rob's Youtube Channel. If you wish you can just watch the whole playlist on that channel, if not feel free to watch them on this blog.

Vodcast Number 1 - Techniques we used

Vodcast Number 2 - Research

Vodcast Number 3 - Mise en Scene + Genre + Target Audience

Vodcast Number 4 - Re-shoot Summary

RS - Meet the Group

Asa Newmarch
Nickname: Ace of Spades
Role: Cinematographer
Favourite Film: Inception
Famous Quote(s): "Where is she?" "Where have you been?"
Hobbies: Gaming, Watching Anime, Surfing the web
Favourite TV Show: FullMetal Alchemist 
Subjects Taken: Media Studies, ICT, Buisness Studies
Idol: Guillermo del Toro

Sam Pollock
Nickname: Cherub
Role: Director
Favourite Film: LOTR FOTR
Famous Quote(s): "The game" "1-0"
Hobbies: Football, Cricket, Facebook
Favourite TV Show: The Simpsons
Subjects Taken: Media Studies, ICT, Geography and English Literature + Language
Idol: Steven Gerrard

Rob Shaw
Nickname: Stanley
Role: Producer
Favourite Film: Tron Legacy
Famous Quote(s): "Stella!!!!" "Dingham"
Hobbies: Gaming, Blogging, Guitar
Favourite TV Show: Mythbusters
Subjects Taken: Media Studies, Geography, English Literature + Language, ICT
Idol: Matt Bellamy

The Group

RS - Welcome to Rasam Productions

Hello and thankyou for viewing our company blog. For this blog we will be uploading our final cut, for our opening 2 mins to a feature length slasher film. We will also upload behind the scenes, crew profiles and possibly bloopers for you to view and comment on. Feel free to give us some feedback on any of our posts/videos/podcasts, as we are only amateurs, we need all the feedback we can get our hands on!

You can click on the navigation bar (to the right) to go to each of our blogs/youtube channels for further feedback or advice, also to read our 20 film deconstructions.

We will be uploading storyboards/call sheets to the blog so you get a better understanding of what to expect in the final film. Also to see how we change the film over the period of making it.

Thank you and feel free to look through our blogs and youtube channels!