Hello and welcome to Rasam Productions!!! We are amateur film makers, and we are starting on our debut film "Wrenched"this film will be the opening 2 mins of a feature length Slasher film. Rasam Productions consists of Rob Shaw (The Producer) Sam Pollock (The Director) and Asa Newmarch (The Cinematographer)

Saturday, 5 February 2011

RS - Vodcasts

Here are the Vodcasts that we have created and added to Rob's Youtube Channel. If you wish you can just watch the whole playlist on that channel, if not feel free to watch them on this blog.

Vodcast Number 1 - Techniques we used

Vodcast Number 2 - Research

Vodcast Number 3 - Mise en Scene + Genre + Target Audience

Vodcast Number 4 - Re-shoot Summary

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