Hello and welcome to Rasam Productions!!! We are amateur film makers, and we are starting on our debut film "Wrenched"this film will be the opening 2 mins of a feature length Slasher film. Rasam Productions consists of Rob Shaw (The Producer) Sam Pollock (The Director) and Asa Newmarch (The Cinematographer)

Saturday, 5 February 2011

RS - Rasam Productions Ident

Rasam Productions

For our opening 2 mins to a feature length film, we needed to come up with two companies and two company idents to be played at the beginning of the sequence, similar to ones such as 20th Centrury Fox or Dreamworks.

We had to check on IMDB to make sure the company name had not been used. Rasam Productions is a combination of our three names (Rob, Sam and Asa) We thought it would be unique and clever.

We have created a short ident for our company and can be seen on the video embedded below.

Here is a still shot of the company ident

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  1. I'd suggest you play it straight: treat this as a blog for an actual production co (which it actually is!) and don't refer to 'coursework'!
    You might already have done this, but you can add authors to a blog, so all 3 can post on this
    ARGH!!! you haven't taken word verification off this one!!